Special Interest

Here is the link to Carl's article and also a copy of the email that Carl sent to the folks at Field and Stream.


Carl's email

  Goat Island Boat Club member Carl Cagle was recognized as a Hero of Conservation by Toyota and Field & Stream magazine. Carl was recognized for his lead in a fund raising effort by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, which used a sterile grass-eating carp to control the nonnative invasive weed "hydrilla". Carl was also recognized for his annual lake cleanup work. See Carl's entire article in the June 2011 issue of Field & Stream magazine on page 31.

Carl's recognition earned him a $500 grant from Toyota; which in typical fashion for Carl, he turned around and donated the entire $500 to the Goat Island Boat Club Scholarship Fund.

Congratulations Carl, you are truly a Hero of Conservation.

No Picture Available The Goat Island Boat Club donates four (4) Motorola 2-Way radios to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

At the Boat Club meeting on October 14th, Ron McCollister made the check presentation to Tim Baxley of DNR for the waterproof portable radios. Tim thanked the boat club for the radios and all the past things the Boat Club have given them. Tim said the new radios would he a great help with search and rescue.